Whole30: Week 3

Day 15

Best Thing I Ate: Guacamole salad with chorizo.

Thoughts: Starting to resent the fact that I’m constantly cooking special foods this week instead of joining our family for dinner. Starting to resent the amount of dishes we have to do and the lack of time we have to do them due to said family.

Emotionally: At my worst. Today was filled with tears, anger, and frustration. Really wanting to get back to our normal routine.

Physically: Feeling like it’s a lot easier to get out of bed in the mornings. But still haven’t found that ridiculous amount of energy everyone talks about. Also, my boobs have been soooo sore for three days now.

Notable: FINALLY FOUND A SAUCE THAT MY HUSBAND LIKES!!! (Primal Kitchen’s Ranch with Avocado Oil)

Worst Part of the Day: My attitude.

Favorite Part of the Day: Relatives went home. Hallelujah! Love them to death, and we mostly had an absolutely amazing time, with board games every night! But….I’m glad to get back to normal life.

Day 16

Best Thing I Ate: Mashed potatoes made with coconut milk and ghee.

Thoughts: Two weeks left!

Emotionally: Pretty blah. Nothing notable either good or bad.

Physically: Trips to the bathroom have resumed…

Notable: Went to the movies and wasn’t tempted to snack!

Worst Part of the Day: Nothing.

Favorite Part of the Day: Going to the movies with family.

Day 17

Best Thing I Ate: Broccoli and Tessemae’s Ranch. Basically a daily thing now.

Thoughts: Wondering how I’ll survive the day. Baby shower and birthday party…lots of emotions, lots of temptations.

Emotionally: Today was a hard day on my emotions. But I was calmer and didn’t freak out as I usually do on emotional days. Noticing that I’m feeling more balanced emotionally.

Physically: Back pain all down my left side. I chronically get muscle spasms in my lower back that cause sciatic issues. It’s particularly painful and came out of nowhere. Also experiencing some period-like cramps. Miserable, but hoping it’s a good sign.

Notable: Starting to break out again…not sure why. I was so close to clear skin! UGH.

Worst Part of the Day: Finding out that our friends are having their daughter’s 1st birthday party on my should-have-been-due date.

Favorite Part of the Day: Good conversations with my husband. He seems very excited about the spontaneous ovulation/TWW, and it’s just nice to have him be a part of this.

Day 18

Best Thing I Ate: Chicken livers. (Forgot they existed for a minute there!)

Thoughts: All of my thoughts are consumed with symptom-spotting, party planning, and school work.

Emotionally: Feeling good, excited, and happy.

Physically: Woke up to even worse back/sciatic pain. So bad I couldn’t move. Then it eventually got better throughout the day, so not sure what the heck that was about.

Notable: I’m pretty sure my face looks less chubby.

Worst Part of the Day: Driving myself crazy with googling symptoms.

Favorite Part of the Day: Classes were canceled, so I had time to shop for an upcoming party, catch up on homework/study, and chill.

Day 19

Best Thing I Ate: Grilled chicken with compliant rotisserie seasoning.

Thoughts: Completely consumed with TWW symptoms and pregnancy tests.

Emotionally: Calm, even, sober, but happy. It’s been a mostly uneventful day.

Physically: Horrible diarrhea is back, unfortunately. Also, still having back/sciatic pain, but today it’s also on the right side as well as the left. Yay. Feeling bloated.

Notable: Realized that eating habits and hunger cues are changing. No blood sugar drops or hangry moments.

Worst Part of the Day: Pretty sure I failed my Psych test.

Favorite Part of the Day: Browsing baby and maternity items during my time between classes.

Day 20

Best Thing I Ate: Roasted potatoes with compliant bacon and Primal Kitchen Ranch. SO good!

Thoughts: Thinking about my upcoming doctor appointment, and worrying about being weighed. It’s making me nervous to think about whether or not I’ve lost anything, and I caught myself thinking that I should be eating less over the next few days in preparation of stepping on the scale. Usually I have thoughts like this, but this is the first time it’s really shocked me. That’s not a healthy thought. Made me realize that I still have a long way to go on improving my relationship with food.

Emotionally: Kinda stressed. Worrying about pregnancy tests, symptoms, my appointment, upcoming party planning, etc. But not freaking out.

Physically: Feeling energetic today, but also a bit sleepy. Not exhausted, though. Maybe that’s from the progesterone? No diarrhea, thank God. Still some back pain, but not bad. Boobs still sore.

Notable: Husband was talking about what he wants to eat as soon as Whole30 is over, and mentioned pizza. For some reason, it didn’t sound good to me. I don’t have a very strong desire to deviate from Whole30 at the end of the month.

Worst Part of the Day: Scrutinizing pregnancy tests, even though 8DPO is still really early to even be testing.

Favorite Part of the Day: Checking out a new coffee shop in town.

Day 21

Best Thing I Ate: Eggs with hot sauce.

Thoughts: Still consumed with pregnancy tests, symptoms, and other craziness. Also can’t believe we’re three weeks into Whole30!

Emotionally: Blah, stressed, irritable, emotional.

Physically: Insanely tired, headache, feeling like allergies are hitting…UGH.

Notable: Had a breakdown today about everything from getting weighed at my appointment tomorrow to whether or not I’m pregnant. Husband listened nicely, and it was mostly therapeutic.

Worst Part of the Day: My mood.

Favorite Part of the Day: Getting ready for the Hobbit Day Party tomorrow.

So that’s our third week of Whole30! It’s mostly been a week of obsessing through the two week wait (obviously). But as far as Whole30 goes, it’s been a good, easy week with much less temptation than the previous one. I guess if I wasn’t planning on continuing this diet, I might be more excited to be entering the home stretch. But really, I’m indifferent right now. I’ve been a little caught off guard by my symptoms (tired, headache, sicky feeling) this week…especially since I had been sleeping better and feeling more energetic. So hopefully it’s just the progesterone, and not me doing something wrong. Either way, I’m ready to get through this next week–in more ways than one.

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