Whole30: Week 2

Well, we are halfway through our Whole30! This week has been filled with a lot more temptations, but it’s gotten a lot easier in other ways, too. So far, I’m really enjoying the way we’ve been eating, and already I want to continue to follow these guidelines from here on out. We’ll see how I feel on Day 30.

Day 8

Best Thing I Ate: Coffee with coconut milk.

Thoughts: Can’t believe we made it through the first week! We got this.

Emotionally: Happy and confident.

Physically: This is the stage where bloating was to be expected, but instead I got diarrhea. (So sorry for the TMI, but it’s true.)

Notable: Tried to make homemade ketchup…tastes like marinara sauce.

Worst Part of the Day: Stayed up too late…really need to get on a better sleep schedule.

Favorite Part of the Day: Coffee.

Day 9

Best Thing I Ate: Chicken and chorizo. Holy yum.

Thoughts: Facing a lot more temptations, with relatives in town…let’s see how this goes.

Emotionally: Confident, but on alert. A little paranoid about accidentally eating something non-compliant.

Physically: Still running to the bathroom multiple times a day.

Notable: Resisted cookies.

Worst Part of the Day: Nothing. It was a good day!

Favorite Part of the Day: Visiting with family.

Day 10

Best Thing I Ate: Sweet potato with ghee, unsweetened applesauce, cinnamon and nutmeg. It’s almost as good as Thanksgiving.

Thoughts: Woo, double digits!! Also, this Whole30 thing is really hard to explain to people.

Emotionally: Nothing much going on emotionally. Still on high alert/slightly paranoid.

Physically: Not visiting the bathroom quite as much, but still more than I’d like.

Notable: Ran into the store real quick to try to find a compliant taco seasoning. Nearly cried in the middle of aisle 8. WHY DOES EVERYTHING HAVE SUGAR/SOY/WHEAT?????

Worst Part of the Day: Reading labels.

Favorite Part of the Day: Playing Rummikub with family.

Day 11

Best Thing I Ate: Sweet potato again.

Thoughts: Why don’t people understand that we are eating whole foods? Not low-fat. Not splenda. Not cheese. Not low-calorie. It’s getting pretty annoying having to keep explaining why we aren’t eating dairy.

Emotionally: Starting to get a little annoyed. The more I realize people don’t understand the guideline’s we’re following, the more paranoid I get about other people’s cooking. Starting to feel guilty for bringing our own dinner to family get-togethers, but also feel burdensome when they offer to cook something extra/different for us.

Physically: Bathroom troubles are finally over!

Notable: I notice that even fruit seems sweeter to me, and the thought of having donuts or cupcakes isn’t as appealing as it was last week.

Worst Part of the Day: Saying “I can’t have that” a million times a day to my relatives.

Favorite Part of the Day: Playing Rummikub with family (again).

Day 12

Best Thing I Ate: Guacamole salad (lettuce, tomato, guac, and hot sauce).

Thoughts: But seriously, how many times do I have to explain why this diet is so strict?

Emotionally: More annoyed than yesterday. More paranoid about accidentally eating non-compliant foods.

Physically: I THINK I OVULATED!!!!!!! (I’ll probably make a separate post about that.)

Notable: My life flashed before my eyes when my aunt offered me a bite of her chicken gnocchi from Olive Garden, and my mouth almost contacted the fork before I realized what was happening. I completely freaked out. Thankfully, no unWhole30some (see what I did there?) foods touched these lips.

Worst Part of the Day: The gnocchi incident.

Favorite Part of the Day: Catching that egg. 😉

Day 13

Best Thing I Ate: Curried chicken and vegetables. OMG probably my favorite thing I’ve cooked so far.

Thoughts: It’s seriously frustrating dealing with so many questions and misunderstandings.

Emotionally: Frustrated. Annoyed.


Notable: Had another close call when my aunt (same one of the gnocchi incident) nearly put “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” on our cauliflower rice, because it “has zero fat, zero carbs, zero sugar”….Really discouraged that she’s still not understanding it. I guess it goes to show how deep all these misconceptions about “healthy food” go.

Worst Part of the Day: Cauliflower incident. Also, getting a little ready for relatives to leave.

Favorite Part of the Day: Going home and going to bed.

Day 14

Best Thing I Ate: Prosciutto.

Thoughts: We made it half-way!!!!

Emotionally: Happy about Whole30, but grouchy about everything else.

Physically: Noticing that my skin has gradually been looking clearer. Still getting some breakouts, but not nearly as many as before.

Notable: Found Hocus Pocus on BluRay finally!!!

Worst Part of the Day: My attitude.

Favorite Part of the Day: Going to bed.

So there you go! Two weeks of Whole30 down. It was way harder because of spending so much time with family, but we made it through. If you’re also in the middle of September Whole30, congratulations! What I want to know is how do you deal with people who don’t understand what you’re doing? How do you briefly explain Whole30 to people who have never heard of it?

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