Day 31. (whole30 updates)

It’s day 31!

Final Whole30 Updates

I have so much I want to share about my second round of whole30, but I don’t think it will all fit in one post. There have been non-scale victories, scale victories, habits transformed, and so much less stress when it comes to food. Honestly, though, all of the “results” are still in progress. I finished the 30 days, and have begun the reintroduction process (which will take another 2 weeks). Beyond that is a lifelong process of intuitive eating and food freedom. I guess I’m not sure how to update and share results, because honestly there’s not really a conclusion. At least not now.

But for the sake of commemorating this milestone, I’ll share some updates.

In 30 days I have:

  • learned how to make mayo and ghee
  • transformed my mindset about food
  • simplified food as fuel
  • killed sugar cravings
  • lost 13lbs
  • noticed changes in my face and the way my clothes fit
  • gained so much energy
  • found the desire to work out more

While I am content with the results of this round, I’m not totally dazzled with excitement. I know this is just the beginning. Knowing that I get to move forward with a new mindset is what absolutely thrills me! I have patience as I continue to do the work and I feel hopeful for the future.

After the reintroduction, I’ll update again. Let me know if you have any questions about the whole30. Have you ever done this nutritional reset?

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