Final Days of Whole30 & DRAMATIC RESULTS

First thing’s first! Let’s get the last two days of Whole30 out of the way.

Day 29

Best Thing I Ate: Meatballs and garden salad.

Thoughts: Kinda having some concern about the end of Whole30. We’ve talked about taking a break for one day between this round and next, but I don’t know how to feel about it. I know we’re supposed to do the reintroduction process, but I don’t really feel ready for that. Wondering if a break day is really a big deal since we plan on continuing… Honestly, I think I won’t participate in the break day. I’m paranoid about ruining my progress.

Emotionally: Emotions are mostly good. Although I cried over ranch dressing today…so…

Physically: Lots of cramping, and my boobs still hurt, but STILL NO CD1. Haven’t had any new breakouts for awhile, and skin is looking much clearer. Meds for sciatic pain are starting to help.

Notable: Went grocery shopping today, and that made me feel so much more motivated to continue this meal plan!

Worst Part of the Day: Every single store in our town was out of Tessemae’s Ranch. WHY.

Favorite Part of the Day: Shopping.

Day 30

Best Thing I Ate: Fried eggs over cauliflower rice, topped with tomatoes and zesty homemade mayo!

Thoughts: Can’t believe we are on day 30! We did it!!!

Emotionally: Calm, happy, even.

Physically: Sciatic pain is slightly better. Started spotting today, so expecting full-on AF tomorrow.

Notable: Realized that even fruit sugars don’t sound good to me. YAY!

Worst Part of the Day: Trying to sew a dress.

Favorite Part of the Day: Completing September Whole30!

Whole30 has changed my life.

I know they warned about that, but I had my doubts. This month has been the most surprising, productive, educational month for me. With Whole30, I finally feel that all my desires to conceive naturally are totally possible! My doctor agrees that this is probably the “key” for me, and she has high hopes that I will be pregnant before my next appointment in December.

I guess I should go into detail about my results at this point, so I’m not just aimlessly gushing about the miracle that is Whole30.

First of all, I have been sleeping and waking better. I’m the type of person who would toss and turn in bed until the wee hours of the morning, and struggle to wake before noon. After the first couple weeks of Whole30, though, I started falling asleep immediately, and waking before my alarms. This has been completely bizarre for me, but I love it!

The next thing I’ve noticed is my energy levels. I don’t feel like death upon waking…unable to function until I’ve poured coffee down my gullet. Instead, I enjoy my coffee after breakfast, and have a steady energy level from the moment of waking until after dinner/before bedtime. That’s not to say I haven’t been tired these past couple weeks (thanks to my body finally producing progesterone!), but I’m able to make it through the day without feeling run down at all.

Definitely the most exciting development throughout this Whole30 has been that my reproductive system seems to be functioning again! Sometime around Day 12 (CD48-50), I had my suspicions that I’d ovulated. Fast forward to about a week later, when I had blood work done to test my progesterone levels. It was 19.2! The doctor who read my results (not my usual doctor) assumed that I had used Clomid this cycle, and it felt so good setting him straight! Especially considering he’s the one who told me it would be “sheer luck” for me to conceive without fertility drugs. Since I’ve begun spotting, I’m fairly certain I didn’t conceive this cycle, but I have high hopes for the next!

There are so many other PCOS symptoms that have improved for me this month! First is my skin. About a week and a half to two weeks into it, my skin started clearing up. Since starting Whole30, I’ve not had any cystic acne breakouts. The only time I had a bit of a discouraging breakout was when my progesterone was rising. Now, though, my skin is looking better than ever! I still have a lot of scarring that I’m trying to get rid of, but I am so happy with my results so far. I’ve also had a lot less excess hair, so that’s exciting!

Another surprising improvement is that I’ve lost weight. I have lost around 8-10 pounds this month–which is spectacular for me! The most I’ve ever lost (over a nine month period with going to the gym every day) was 15 pounds. My weight hadn’t moved in over a year. So I was especially thrilled to see that the weight is coming off, with no changes other than the foods that I put into my body. This is without counting calories or exercising at all. So I’m particularly looking forward to seeing even more progress once I add in exercise.

What’s next? Well, we have decided to continue following Whole30 for at least another month, with a few changes. I’ll be detailing our plan for October in the next post.

The only other changes I’ve made this month were adding FertilityBlend and Ovasitol. I’m not sure if they also had an impact on me ovulating, but I’m curious as to whether or not I would even need them anymore. For now, I plan to stick with both of these supplements.

So there you have it! Whole30 really does change your life. If you’ve done it before, please share the results you got at the end of your 30 days! If you’re interested in Whole30, or have any questions, feel free to comment below!


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