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Even Now: A New Mother’s Day Shirt

Even Now Mother's Day tee, fitted
women’s slim fit // more colors available

Hey, everyone! Just a quick update to say I have added a new Mother’s Day shirt design to Bonfire. This one will be available for 2 weeks and will also arrive in time for Mother’s Day. Click here or on the pictures to check it out!

Even Now Mother's Day shirt, youth
youth 3/4 sleeve baseball tee // more colors available

Here’s why I created this Mother’s Day shirt:

When I was going through my first miscarriage, I found great comfort in the story of Lazarus. Facing the death of her brother, Martha’s faith shone through as she told Jesus, “But even now I know that whatever you ask from God, God will give you.” (John 11:22 ESV). Even Now. Those words were what stood out to me. I prayed for a miracle while waiting to miscarry, and I knew that God was still good and capable, even now, facing the death of my first baby. My story didn’t end with a resurrection like Lazarus. In fact, I went on to lose three more babies before giving birth to my living son. But through it all, I whispered to myself, “even now, God is here.” Even now, hearing that there is no heartbeat. Even now, undergoing an emergency D&C. Even now, waking up to blood again. Even now, through the paralyzing fear that is pregnancy after loss. Even now, God is still working miracles. God is still with us, even if our story doesn’t end the way we expect it to.

Even Now Mother's Day shirt. classic tee
classic unisex tee // more colors available

I hope this Mother’s Day shirt will remind you to have faith, even now, with whatever you are facing.

Even Now Mother's Day Shirt, long sleeve
long sleeve tee // more colors available

I’ll end this with a quote from Charles Spurgeon:

“In the presence of Christ it seems very natural to trust him even at the worst extremity. It is when we are at our wits’ end that he delights to help us. When our hopes seem to be buried, then it is that God can give a resurrection.”

Even Now Mother's Day Shirt, tank top
women’s slouchy tank // more colors available

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