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35 Miscarriage Gifts for Someone Who Lost a Baby

Ideas for Miscarriage Gifts

One in four pregnancies ends in loss, so it’s likely you know and love someone who has lost (or will lose) a baby. It can be hard to know exactly how to support someone going through a miscarriage, especially if you don’t have any experience with pregnancy loss. This guide has several ideas to get you started! Show your grieving loved one that you see their pain and care for them with these miscarriage gifts.

Care Package Miscarriage Gifts

When someone is going through or has recently gone through a miscarriage, comfort items are always a good idea! Put together a custom care package by choosing whichever items your loved one will appreciate the most! Here are some possible items to include in a care package.

1. Lotions 

Lotions are always a good idea for a care package. Choose one with calming scents and nourishing ingredients! I was gifted a lotion in a care package during one of my miscarriages, and the scent will always remind me of my baby. Just another reason that lotions make great miscarriage gifts!

2. Bath Salts 

Another option for a care package is bath salts. These can promote relaxation, which is a great way to help your loved one take care of themselves during this difficult time. 

3. Face/eye Masks

Face masks or eye masks are classic self-care items that are a great addition to care package miscarriage gifts. Between crying and hormone changes, face masks can help soothe dry or irritated skin, and eye masks can calm puffy eyes. 

4. Heating pad 

A heating pad is useful during and even after a miscarriage. This is a very practical addition to a care package!

5. Tea

Please don’t forget that those who miscarry still go through postpartum. Add a postpartum support tea to a custom care package. Relaxing lavender chamomile tea can be another good option to add to your miscarriage gifts.

6. Wine

Miscarriage gifts can be practical. If your loved one usually enjoys wine, a bottle could be a great addition to help them unwind!

7. Candies 

Chocolate is another ultimate care package item to add to your miscarriage gifts! Opt for something “fancy” or go for their favorite candy (if you know what it is).

8. Lip Balm

Lip balm is another nourishing self-care item that makes a great care package addition.

9. Blanket 

A cozy blanket is a great way to add some tangible comfort to care package miscarriage gifts. It’s sure to come in handy as they recover and rest.

10. Slippers

Slippers are another great comfort item that will make your loved one feel a bit more taken care of while they recover. 

11. Robe

A nice robe is the ultimate comfort item! This is especially great as far as miscarriage gifts go because it provides a quick easy way to feel a bit more put together while maintaining comfort.

12. Curated Gift Box

curated gift box
Laurel Box

If you’d prefer to purchase a curated gift box, there are several options online! You can still customize many of them and have the miscarriage gifts sent directly to your loved one. This is a great option if you’re short on time.

Memorial Miscarriage Gifts

Memorial items can be very thoughtful miscarriage gifts. There are lots of options, both religious and non-religious. While most of these ideas can help your loved one remember their baby, these next few items are more common memorial gifts given when someone has died.

13. Windchime

A windchime is a lovely memorial gift for someone who just had a miscarriage. They can hang it on their porch or outside a window and think of their baby every time it chimes.

14. Suncatcher

Suncatchers are also great miscarriage gifts! They can hang them in front of a window and enjoy the dancing light. It’s a beautiful way to add their baby into their home.

15. Figurine

Figurines might be good miscarriage gifts for some people. Choose from angels, butterflies, or other meaningful symbols.

16. Garden Plaque

A garden plaque can be an amazing memorial gift, especially if your loved one was able to bury their baby. Even if they didn’t, it can be a lovely addition to their home, giving them a designated space to go and reflect on their baby.

Books as Miscarriage Gifts

When it comes to miscarriage gifts, books might be a good choice. There are so many books that are helpful for someone going through a miscarriage. Even if your loved one doesn’t read it until much later, these books are highly recommended and regarded as helpful for processing miscarriage and grief.

17. Not Broken

Not Broken is a comprehensive, thoughtful resource for understanding all aspects of first trimester miscarriage and recurrent pregnancy loss.

Whether you’re personally struggling with miscarriages or are a medical provider for patients with recurrent pregnancy loss, Not Broken will broaden your perspective as a compassionate lens to evidence-based findings.

As a leading voice in fertility medicine, Dr. Lora Shahine provides a detailed overview of Western medicine’s typical approach to miscarriage – including evaluation and treatment – while shining a light on Eastern approaches to care, emotional wellness, and lifestyle changes to decrease risk of miscarriage.

You will finish this book feeling empowered to advocate for your care and more hopeful than ever to continue towards your family goals.

“I have one word to describe this fabulous book: FINALLY. Women with recurrent pregnancy loss have been needing this book for years.” – Dr. Alice Domar, associate professor of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive biology at Harvard Medical School and author of Conquering Infertility and Finding Calm for the Expectant Mom

Lora Shahine, MD, FACOG, is a reproductive endocrinologist, founder of the Center for Recurrent Pregnancy Loss at Pacific NW Fertility, and clinical faculty in the OBGYN department at the University of Washington in Seattle.

Dr. Shahine contributes to the fields of infertility and miscarriage with clinical research, writing, speaking, and educating in peer-reviewed journals, her own books and textbook chapters, and many forms of media, including an active social media presence and as host of the Baby or Bust podcast.

Not Broken: An Approachable Guide to Miscarriage and Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

18. Saying Goodbye

Losing a baby, whether through miscarriage, stillbirth or neonatal death, leaves so many parents lost in grief and full of unanswered questions.

Zoë Clark-Coates, and her husband Andy, have personally faced the loss of five babies. Out of their experiences came the charity The Mariposa Trust (more often known by its leading division Saying Goodbye), offering support to thousands of grieving parents and relatives around the world each week.

Now, Zoë writes a moving account of their experiences and how they found a way through to provide help and support for others. Alongside this are 90 days of daily support for those who are grieving, offering comfort and hope during the difficult days, weeks and months.

Saying Goodbye: A personal story of baby loss and 90 days of support to walk you through grief

19. Baby Loss Guide

Written by one of the world’s leading baby loss support experts, The Baby Loss Guide is designed to help you navigate this complex issue. Whether you have personally encountered loss, or are supporting people through this harrowing time, this book provides practical and compassionate advice.

Zoe and her husband Andy have personally faced the loss of five babies. Out of their experiences came the charity The Mariposa Trust (more often known by its primary division Saying Goodbye), offering support to thousands of grieving parents and relatives around the world each week. In her first bestselling book, Saying Goodbye, Zoe wrote a moving account of their experiences and how they found a way through loss.

In The Baby Loss Guide Zoe provides a supportive and practical guide to walk people through their darkest days of suffering and give them hope for the future. The first half of the book answers the many questions those who encounter loss ask themselves and others, which until now have resulted in people spending hours exploring the internet to gain answers and insight. It is interlaced with personal stories from both men and women who have been there, and tackles the many myths, taboos and assumptions around loss. It also provides clear guidance and advice on how to navigate life following your world imploding, such as: How do I return to work? How do I know if or when I should try again for more children? How do I communicate with my partner about loss?

The second half of the book offers 60-days of practical and compassionate support. Whether someone’s loss is recent or historic, this support is a precious gift that will help an individual walk the scary path of grief. Zoe’s friendly and down to earth approach means she removes the often over used medical terminology, and this makes The Baby Loss Guide readable, easy to absorb and a vital source of information and help.

The Baby Loss Guide: Practical and compassionate support with a day-by-day resource to navigate the path of grief

20. Miscarriage Map

Miscarriage: It can devastate an individual, a couple, and family to their very core. And yet, this painfully common human experience is so rarely talked about. How do we continue functioning? How do we tell our partner what we need? How do we deal with emotional dumpster fire that is the aftermath of a miscarriage? How do we not kill the fifth person who tells us “You can always have another baby.”

With unflinching honesty and fearless humor, psychologist Dr. Sunita Osborn addresses the relevant but often unspoken topics following a miscarriage including the impact of miscarriage on a relationship, hating pregnant people and all things baby after miscarriage, your relationship with your body after miscarriage, and how to move forward (not past).

Informed by her clinical expertise and her own personal experience with miscarriage, the Miscarriage Map offers women, their partners, and loved ones with the nitty gritty realities of a miscarriage, the accompanying emotional roller coaster, and specific steps to take to help them get through this loss.

The Miscarriage Map: What To Expect When You Are No Longer Expecting

21. I Had A Miscarriage

Sixteen weeks into her second pregnancy, psychologist Jessica Zucker miscarried at home, alone. Suddenly, her career, spent specializing in reproductive and maternal mental health, was rendered corporeal, no longer just theoretical. She now had a changed perspective on her life’s work, her patients’ pain, and the crucial need for a zeitgeist shift. Navigating this nascent transition amid her own grief became a catalyst for Jessica to bring voice to this ubiquitous experience. She embarked on a mission to upend the strident trifecta of silence, shame, and stigma that surrounds reproductive loss—and the result is her striking memoir meets manifesto.

Drawing from her psychological expertise and her work as the creator of the #IHadaMiscarriage campaign, I Had a Miscarriage is a heart-wrenching, thought-provoking, and validating book about navigating these liminal spaces and the vitality of truth telling—an urgent reminder of the power of speaking openly and unapologetically about the complexities of our lives.

Jessica Zucker weaves her own experience and other women’s stories into a compassionate and compelling exploration of grief as a necessary, nuanced personal and communal process. She inspires her readers to speak their truth and, in turn, to ignite transformative change within themselves and in our culture.

I Had A Miscarriage: A Memoir, A Movement

22. You Are the Mother of All Mothers

Let every grieving mom know she is the mother of all mothers. A gift book to comfort + reaffirm mothers following the death of a child of any age. There are few books that address the weight of guilt and shame that a grieving mother carries after the loss of her child. The deep feeling of failure that accompanies child loss can cripple the heart, mind, and soul. Reengaging in life after loss and attempting to find hope again is an ongoing battle— one no bereaved mother should fight alone. No matter the age of cause of death, no matter the story, this book is for you, sweet mama. 6.25 x 6.25, 88 pages, hardcover gift book, full color art interior + velum dust jacket. Over 40,000 copies sold.

You Are the Mother of All Mothers: A Message of Hope for the Grieving Heart

23. Jewelry

miscarriage jewelry
The Cooper Project | Etsy

Jewelry can be a beautiful and practical way to remember a baby that has died. Choose birthstone jewelry with a stone that matches the should-have-been-due date or the loss date. Or opt for something featuring the baby’s name (if they named their baby). And don’t forget their partner when considering miscarriage gifts! There are plenty of unisex jewelry or keychain options to honor a baby lost to a miscarriage. The Cooper Project has several memorial jewelry designs!

24. Custom Art Miscarriage Gifts

custom art
Maple Lane Shop | Etsy

Miscarriage gifts featuring custom art can be a great way to include the entire family. A sign that includes each family member’s name, or an illustration that shows each family member is a great way for the family to know their baby will not be forgotten by you. 

25. Meals or Gift Cards

Births and deaths are each disruptive transitions for families, and pregnancy and infant loss involves both. Families going through the loss of a baby deserve to receive just as much support as families bringing home a newborn or planning a funeral. One easy way to provide support is by feeding them. Bring over a meal and recruit a few others to provide meals, too. Gift cards are also a good option if you’re short on time, but want to show support in this way. This support is one of the best miscarriage gifts you could give.

26. Ultrasound Frame

ultrasound frame
The Lettered Lane | Etsy

If the family has any ultrasound images of the baby, an ultrasound picture frame could be a good gift option. I have one that holds the ultrasound from my third miscarriage and appreciate it so much.

27. Memory Box

memory box
Unique Gift Workshop | Etsy

Memory boxes are practical miscarriage gifts. It provides the family with a designated place to store special items from the pregnancy, such as pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, hospital bracelets, etc. 

28. Journal

A plain journal is a good gift option for someone going through a miscarriage, and even for their partner! There are even journals that provide prompts, such as the Mourning Retreat journal from Undefining Motherhood. If your loved one is religious, you could gift them a devotional journal like Loved Baby or Grieving the Child I Never Knew.

29. Loss Lovey

loss lovey
Loss Lovey

Loss Loveys are comforting miscarriage gifts, especially if your loved one is open about trying again, or already has little a little kid. These loveys are a great way to include their baby in a tangible way. Each lovey can be customized to include a star tag for each baby lost. The lovey can be given to other children in the family or saved for a hopeful rainbow baby to use. 

30. Remembrance Candle

remembrance candle
Susabellas | Etsy

There are lots of memorial candles available, and they can be very special miscarriage gifts. Each year on October 15th, there’s an Internation Wave of Light for Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, where families all around the world light a candle to remember their babies. This makes a remembrance candle the perfect gift!

31. Forget-Me-Not Seeds

plantable paper
Due To Joy Rainbow Co | Etsy

Forget-me-not seeds are a beautiful way to honor a baby who has died. You can gift them a pack of seeds or some plantable paper. Be sure to include a pot and some soil to make it easy for them to plant and enjoy.

32. Floral Arrangement

floral arrangement
Stuff by Rossy | Etsy

Fresh floral arrangements are thoughtful miscarriage gifts and a great way to show a grieving family that you are thinking of them. Pick one up from a local florist or market. If you’d like to gift something that will last longer, there are several beautiful paper or wood options that will last for years to come.

33. Christmas Ornament

Christmas ornaments can be great miscarriage gifts (for those who celebrate Christmas). Families can add it to their tree each year and include their baby in the festivities. 

34. Mani/Pedi gift card

Another self-care gift for someone going through a miscarriage is a gift card for a manicure and/or pedicure! Sometimes it’s just a nice distraction to be pampered.

35. Card

miscarriage card
The Noble Paperie

Last, but certainly not least, a sympathy card can be the perfect gift for someone going through a miscarriage. It lets them know you are thinking of them and honoring their baby, and that’s the best give you can give to a loss family. The Noble Paperie has so many beautiful options for stationery miscarriage gifts (cards, stickers, and more)!

Miscarriage Gifts Conclusion

Hopefully, this list of miscarriage gifts will give you enough ideas to get started. The fact that you are here and thinking about your grieving loved one is so meaningful. 

Have you ever received any miscarriage gifts? What would you add to this list?

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