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I Have No Self-Control (I’m Pregnant!)

Yesterday I wrote about my two week wait symptoms, and said that I would be testing at 14DPO. Well, it’s 12DPO today…and I tested.

And. it. was. POSITIVE!!!!!!!!!!!




That’s literally all I’ve been able to say today. That, and “What the heck” and “I can’t believe it”. Oh my goodness, I really can’t believe it. But it’s there. It doesn’t even seem real. It’s such a weird feeling, and I just can’t believe that it finally happened!

I want to document this while it’s still fresh in my mind. So, here’s the story of me finding out that I am PREGNANT!

Fun Fact: These coffee cups belong to my husband’s parents. They got them when he was born. I borrowed them several months ago for just this occasion! (Look at that faint line!!!! Eeeeee!)

My husband had to run down to his parents’ house this morning, and I seized the opportunity to test. I used first morning urine and a Clearblue Plus. I was a good girl. I dipped the test, covered it, set a timer for four minutes, and walked away. Usually I just stare at the test as it’s developing, but not this time!

During the four minutes I decided to record my temp from that morning, which was still up.

And then I watched the clock.

Four minutes later I walk back into the bathroom. I pray, “Dear God, please let this be positive.”

Then I uncover the test, and look…

There’s two lines.

WHAT. WHAT?? It’s positive? It. Is. POSITIVE.

I didn’t even have to pick it up to see it. No squinting, no turning it different ways or holding it up to the light. It was just there! It’s faint, for sure, but it’s there!

I immediately started sobbing and thanking God. And repeating the word “what” again and again. I was shaking so hard. I cleaned up all the test packaging, and decided to wait on taking the digital. My husband was still at his parents’ house, clueless as to the monumental magic that was happening in our bathroom! LOL

So I decided I better get my emotions together and execute my Game Plan.

Yes, I have a BFP Game Plan.

I got out the “new mommy” and “new daddy” coffee cups that I’ve been hiding for months. I put on some hot water for tea. I struggled to open the tea bags.

Then I peeked out the window and saw my husband and our puppy coming up the driveway. I set the cups in a more readily visible area, and prayed that God would prepare my husband’s heart to receive this news.

He walks in. I ask him if he’d like some tea. He says “yes”. And so I push the cups toward him, saying, “I already got the cups out”.

He looks at them and smiles. Then as his face turned to shock he said, “Wait, what?” And I just smiled and handed him the test. “Are you serious?” He’s smiling again. “Really?” He sees the second line and we hug. I start sobbing again, and I can see his eyes shining. I ask him if he’s happy and he says he is.

So then we both start processing.

His processing looks like seclusion and thinking.

My processing looks like running my mouth and going on and on about the TWW and how I just can’t believe it, and what do we do now.

And I think I’m driving him crazy. But he assures me that he’s happy.

I already had to call my best friend, and she is THRILLED! However, we won’t be telling our families until after I have a doctor’s appointment. It will be hard, though, because we’re spending tomorrow with my family! And it’s so tempting to spill the news because we’re celebrating my dad’s birthday. BUT, I need to actually have some self-control this time and wait. LOL

I know that it’s still ridiculously early, and I am insanely happy. I know that’s it’s risky to put my heart all into this. But I can’t help it. It’s truly a miracle, and God is so good. I know that no matter what happens, He will carry us through. I just can’t stop thanking Him. And I’m going to enjoy this blessing for every moment that I can.

Now for some more technical info.

I will be calling my doctor on Monday, since we are visiting my family this weekend. Actually, I might call today and try to set up an appointment for Monday. That would probably be better. So, I will update again after I have that appointment.

As for symptoms, I have lots of new ones today, but I think they are ALL brought on by nerves and excitement. Nausea/no appetite, and SWEATING. I still have the same symptoms that I’ve been dealing with for the past week, as well. Especially tiredness, and sore boobs. They do still hurt, but not as bad as I thought they would. I also noticed that for the past few days my skin has been getting clearer. I hope that that continues. 😉

So I guess that’s all for now. I’m going to try to calm down now, and just keep thanking God for this miracle. Please pray for me, as it is still very early. Thanks for reading!