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    NIAW 2018 #flipthescript: At least…

    Unfortunately, this year pregnancy loss became part of our journey. For years, all I wanted was to see those two pink lines. When I finally did, it was a huge victory. I had some of those “at least” thoughts, too…I was relieved to know it was possible. But, please, listen when I say that there is NOTHING comforting or reassuring about losing every baby you conceive. Yes, our losses gave us some information, but they left us with even more questions, grief, and fear. There is no “at least”.

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    NIAW 2018 #flipthescript: You Can’t Have Kids

    It’s National Infertility Awareness Week, and this year’s theme is #flipthescript! So I’m going to be sharing a bit about some common misconceptions about infertility that I’ve encountered this past year. “…Since you can’t have kids” I don’t even remember the whole conversation that occurred when these words were said to me, but they echo in my mind. They were shocking, because I’ve never once believed that I couldn’t have kids. Now, I’m not naive to the fact that, for some, children never become a reality, but I guess I just never realized that so many people see infertility as something hopeless or definite. Infertility is challenging and extremely complicated,…

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    I Can’t Trust My Body

    Ever since I realized that I spontaneously ovulated this month (on CD48!), I’ve been so stressed out. After much venting and a breakdown, I finally figured out why: I can’t trust my body. I have a very strong intuition, and I’ve learned to utilize and even rely on that throughout my life. And usually I’m right. But when it comes to my own body, and all of the fertility issues I’m facing, I find that my intuition has gone MIA. I am also a person who relies on facts. I do my research (not just google), and I’ve learned a lot about PCOS and all the particular ways it impacts…

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    Cycle Update: What Supplements I’m Using For PCOS

    First of all, I’d like to specify that I am not a doctor. The supplements that I’m using are ones that I have chosen after my own extensive research. I encourage everyone to do their own research. What works for me may not work for anyone else (and I’m still figuring out exactly what works for me). This is simply to share what I am (currently) doing to treat my PCOS. Well, it’s yet another long cycle. I’m currently on cycle day 65. I’m not too frustrated right now, because I have changed up my supplements this month, and it takes awhile for them to kick in. I was going…

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    Now I Know: Getting Diagnosed With PCOS

    I’ve always had a feeling that motherhood wouldn’t come easily for me. Now I know. This summer I was officially diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). There were many symptoms that I’ve had since my teenage years (irregular cycles, ovarian cysts, horrendous mood swings), and many more that I’ve collected in the past few years (weight gain, acne, facial hair) that lead me to believe I could have PCOS. However, I never pursued getting a diagnosis. Partly, this is because I have a horrible attitude about doctors, but also my previous experiences with doctors were less than helpful. When I was 16, it was discovered that I had ovarian cysts.…