5 Whole30 Regrets

Hindsight is 20/20, isn’t that what they say? Since doing Whole30 in September (and struggling to start my second round), I’ve realized a few things that I wish I had done differently. So here they are.

Meal Prep

You know what the worst part of Whole30 was (besides the first week)? All of the cooking and cleaning. It was so much more time consuming than I realized it would be. It’s the middle of November, and I feel like I’m still catching up on dishes! (kidding) But last night I made a whole bunch of cracklin chicken, only for my husband to bring home some dinner. I woke up this morning, relieved to know that I wouldn’t really need to cook today and immediately realized why people meal prep. It’s for that feeling, I’m sure of it. LOL! It’s seriously appealing to think about doing a ton of cooking and cleaning on one day, and then just being able grab meals throughout the week.

Stock Up On Compliant Condiments

I can’t tell you how many days were ruined because I ran out of Tessemae’s ranch dressing, or there was none in stock at the store. Save yourself some tears in the produce section, and STOCK UP.

Disposable Plates and Flatware

Yeah, it’s not exactly environmentally friendly, but if I’d even used disposable dishes for one meal per day, I might not have felt so overwhelmed by the kitchen.

Don’t DIY

I tried and failed 3 times to make my own compliant mayo. I kept hearing about how much better it is than store bought, and how they’re “never going back”. But by the end of the month I MISSED mayo something fierce. There are lots of compliant options (none of which I’ve yet tried) that I’m SURE would be far better than my sad homemade attempts. Same with ketchup.


This is one area where we TOTALLY failed. We had the intentions of turning our Whole30 into a Whole60. Then I had a miscarriage and gave into emotional eating. So I have no idea what foods REALLY have a negative impact on me. I have definitely noticed a difference with sugar and refined carbs–they make me want to die. I’ve been avoiding those food items, but I still could have received more information from this experience. My advice: DO THE REINTRO PHASE. Complete the program as is recommended. Then decide if/when you want to do another round!

So there you have it. If you’re going into your first Whole30, or are looking for some inspiration to start another round, maybe these tips will help you along the way!